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I say left
You say right

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chantelle winnie for Ashish S/S 2015 - London Fashion Week

She is absolutely beautiful ugh

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Remember #BringBackOurGirls? This Is What Has Happened In The 5 Months Since

On the night of April 14, 2014, hundreds of schoolgirls at the Chibok boarding school in northeastern Nigeria awoke to the sound of gunfire. They saw men in camouflage approaching and thought soldiers were coming to save them from a militant attack, according to survivors’ accounts.

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I literally just went from aw to wtf.


there was this big uproar over a character from paranormal being gay, so what do they do? next movie, they make a commercial that THROWS THE GAY IN YOUR FACE. They’re literally not being subtle at all about their queer representation and I fucking love them for it

Throw the gay in your face is perhaps the best thing I’ve heard all week.

And just like that, I’m going to see the movie! That sounds so cool!

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This is a very important website. Please spread the link.

Hey sex workers!

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#letmetellyouastory // last but not least , this weird ass . Ha idk dude this is 💕 / her drive and just overall brain power is sometimes mind blowing although she can be a butt and a major PB she’s amazing , I look up her to an aspect , I’m so excited to see the things you accomplish you crazy lady , ✨I could say more but it would be a 10 page essay with pictures and sidenote and nobody got time . Love you ✨💕😈

#letmetellyouastory // firstly we was both unbeweavable , lol natural hair shawties . But this chloe , fucking duh . She had been light , that’s the best and only way to describe it , light . We’ve shared things and experiences that I’ve yet to experience with another human being , and honestly I prefer that , that means what she and I has is special ( I’m sorry if I forget that sometimes ) but I love you dude , on this earthly plane in the next .

#letmetellyouastory // me and this little Asian mcnugget are always at each other’s throats it’s honestly like a marriage , we fight we don’t talk we cry we apologize we smoke and it’s whatever . Lol literally we are so opposite we are literally like fire and water . She’s cray , but she’s my cray , we’ve know each other for 5+ years ( weird ) - although we hate each other a lot of the time I love you . @mojothudope 💕

#letmetellyouastory // so let me tell you about this little talented cub . @blottboyy . Easton is honestly indescribable , all I can say is he is essentially cinnabuns from adventure time lol he’s so awesome and a music extraordinaire , I wish he was more appreciated and valued here but one day the whole world will no him , no doubt. he’s warped my mind and there’s no going back , he’s like a little brother, my little cub . I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you so , we shall reunite soon over gyros and lemonade . Keep making music , I’ll always be your fan .

#letmetellyouastory // see these girls ? All of them ? These girls are my family , closer than family I can feel a void when I don’t speak to them I feel lost , oddly enough they all texted me at the same time during a rough patch , these are my darlings , they’ve been there for me through allllll the bad times , shit the worst times , and of course all of the awesome times . They are literally my everything . I may be the only child but I got hella sisters , g . ✨💕 — okay everyone looking flawless but me * deep sigh ** drunk ass

#letmetellyouastory // so let me tell you about @heyzeusxx . I’ve had some of my most thought provoking questions brought to miz and he always helps me , I can’t even count how many hungover mornings we spent talking about life and happiness , when you meet someone like miz you don’t let them out of your life , he’s such a honey jack love bear and whether it’s drunk slurr talks about strippers or Bella’s mugato cut , he’s just all around my love . Lol . Working that flower crown like a diva ha. He was the first person I talked to about dropping out of school and the first to congratulate me on doing so . Thank you for everything and then some .

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Bethann Hardison on racism in the fashion industry.

From About Face: Supermodels then and now

"the word aesthetic is borderline racist at this point"

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Mother Dalishia Salter abused her infant son and placed him outside in frigid temperatures. Father David Bryant found his son on the front porch severely beaten and has video proof of him finding his son as he tries to get into the home of ex-girlfriend Dalishia Salters.

Upon coming into the house Mr Bryant says, quote “you hurt my baby” while mother Dalishia Salters is seen and heard in video repeating “Oh well I’ll kill him”. [[VIDEO HERE]]

The Pittsburgh Police have since issued a warrant for Mr Bryant’s arrest because the mother accused him of hurting the baby. Why should David Bryant be jailed for saving his own baby’s life while he has clear video proof he did not harm his baby? 

This father and son need justice! [[Petition]]


Article 2

Police are unaware of video evidence the father posted on facebook

aww poor angel 😨😰😰😥

I really want to find that bitch and fucking kill her ass. She need’s her ass beat to death. I’m not even tryna hear shit about her depression or mental health or none of that bullshit. Idc shit about that when it comes to a child…..I hate her so much g. This has me so livid man……

people out here are blessed to even be able to have a baby & this is what they with him. Smh fucking sick, somebody should beat her.

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turn head left . flip .
turn phone upside down .
#remeberthatonetime • always have a sketchbook handy , they are life .